School Tours - Overview

Over 40 independent and state schools across NSW, Victoria and Queensland have utilised Wanderers Australia's intimate knowledge in putting together tours for schools and clubs and have travelled to all corners of the globe... Some of the reasons why they use us are as follows:

  • We will organise your tour professionally and economically. Tour as your own school or part of a combined Wanderers squad with players from across   Australia
  • Our sporting contacts across the world ensure trouble free arrangements.
  • Bulk purchasing power ensures the best value for money.
  • We are an ATAS Accredited travel agent and affiliated with both AFTA and IATA,   guaranteeing your piece of mind that you are dealing with an experienced tour operator.

We will also come to your school or club, and meet with you personally about your proposed tour and arrange a parents evening also to assist with answering all the different questions parents may have about their child touring overseas. From what to pack, to how to phone home, to tour highlights....Wanderers Australia has it covered !

For more information, head to our contact us page, or give us a call on 02 42 67 1400.