The awesome Ingazu Falls - Argentina

The awesome Ingazu Falls - Argentina

South America

Sporting tours are assured of a very warm welcome and  hosting is readily available for schools and junior club teams. Sport  plays a very important part in the lives of South Americans. They have a  real passion for soccer and Brazil showed the world the genius of Pele,  Ronaldo and Ronaldinho ! There are some great soccer academies in Sao  Poulo and of course a stay in Rio is a must !

Rugby, hockey, soccer and basketball are all played and  encouraged at schools in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay with  Argentina being the rugby stronghold.

Cricket is on the increase for schools in Argentina and club tours can visit Buenos Aires and Santiago in Chile.

You can also take time away from sport and a must on any tour to  South America is a visit to the impressive Iguazu Falls on the border  between Brazil and Argentina. Tours between two and three weeks are  suitable. A stopover in New Zealand in either directions can also be  arranged.