UK / Europe

Europe  is a fantastic place to tour with so many options and so much history and culture. No longer is the UK and the European continent the  destination that is "too far away and too expensive".

Particularly if you incorporate the United Kingdom into  your itinerary, you will have ample opportunities to have your students  billeted with the families of the school and sporting clubs you play  against.

In the summer, you can tour in soccer and cricket to the UK  and the continent, whilst during the Easter, Spring and Australian  summer term breaks, you can tour in almost any sport you can think of  including rugby, hockey, netball, soccer, rugby league, tennis, water  polo, athletics, swimming, and a host of other sports.

For Victorian, South Australian and Western Australian  schools, a brand new option is to take a hybrid Australian Rules tour to  Ireland, with many schools and clubs very strong in Gaelic Football  which can be easily adapted from the AFL version.

Touring the UK and Europe is all about getting the opportunity of doing and seeing things you will not do at home.


On all tours we arrange to Europe, we will go that extra  step to ensure that your students get the opportunity to see an English  Premier League Soccer game live, and experience the atmosphere unlike  anywhere else in Australia.

Tour London and see all the sights such as Buckingham  Palace, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Piccadilly  Circus and  Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and  Westminster Abbey.

For those who want that extra sporting touch onto the tour,  tours can be arranged to both Lords and Wimbledon, as well as to  Twickenham. Then move north west to Bath, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds  Region with all its quaint villages and historic manors. Through the  midlands and towns such as Rugby - where William Webb Ellis first picked  up the ball and ran; as well as visiting the Gilbert rugby museum , the  university towns or Oxford and Cambridge; visit Shakespeare's  Birthplace at Stratford-upon-Avon.

Tour the world's biggest sporting organisation - Manchester  United and their headquarters of Old Trafford, as well as historic  York. In the summer months you can also visit in Northumberland, the  castle that was the film set for Hogwarts school in the film Harry  Potter. Along the way, there are many schools and clubs who love to host  Australians and enjoy the sporting rivalry between our two nations.

Through Wales, take in the inspiring countryside, and a  nation where rugby is the national sport. You can tour Cardiff and the  Millennium Stadium, walking out the tunnel to the noise of 80,000 fans  passionatelysinging their Welsh national anthem.

We will take you to Scotland, where you will tour the  "Paris of the North" - Edinburgh. experience the castle, the Royal Mile,  and Princes Street. Visit Glasgow with its two great football clubs -  Celtic and Rangers. Head out to the "Home of Golf" - the university town  of St Andrews on the North Sea and visit the Royal & Ancient club,  as well as the magnificent ruins of the cathedral; then off to Stirling,  its castle and the Braveheart monument, where you will get the  opportunity to climb to the top of the monument to see first hand where  and how William Wallace defeated the English on home soil for the first  time at the battle of Stirling just like in the movie !

Head across to Ireland, and the charming city of Dublin,  the capital. Catch a game of hurling at Croke Park with 50,000 fans,  visit Dublin Castle and Trinity College, one of the most famous  universities which houses the Book of Kells, whilst no tour to Dublin is  complete without a tour of the Guinness factory. The people of the  Emerald Isle are well known for their friendliness so you are assured of  a warm welcome wherever you go. There is much to capture the  imagination as you travel round, from stone-age tombs to medieval  castles, from the scenic Ring of Kerry to the spectacular Cliffs of  Moher. Cork, Wexford, Belfast and Galway are worth considering as  touring destinations too.


Continental Europe has a wonderful array of different  cultures, languages and history to explore. Combined with great sporting  fixtures in many countries it is certainly one of the "must do" tours  for any Australian school or club.

Some of these countries that you can look at incorporating into your tour include:

Holland and Belgium

Logistically, very easy to combine these two countries with a  tour to the UK. Travel overnight on the North Sea ferry with your own  beds and cabins from Hull to Rotterdam. It is a unique way to cross the  North Sea. Travel to Amsterdam for its many museums, canals and visit  the Anne Frank House. Head to small traditional villages where you will  see clogs being hand made, windmills, cheese and tulips. Holland is the  biggest hockey destination on earth! Awesome facilities, play on  artificial surfaces everywhere, and travel to towns where the only sport  that is played is hockey. The annual Wanderers hockey tour is hosted by  the world's largest hockey club with over 3000 registered players !!!  Soccer is also very popular, as well as tennis. Fixtures in rugby,  cricket and basketball can also be readily sought. Belgium also has some  great clubs in both hockey and soccer, and tours to Brugge, Antwerp and  Brussels are highly recommended.


The French play most of the sports that we do including rugby,  hockey, tennis, golf and soccer plus a few of their own like “boules”!  France is an ideal touring location. Apart from the sport, it offers a  rich variety of experiences particularly language, culture, viticulture  and both ancient and modern architecture. The two main areas of France  we recommend are Paris and the Somme in Northern France. In Paris,  explore some it's most famous sights of such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de  Triomphe and Champs Elysees, Notre Dame and the Louvre - which holds  some of the world most famous works of art. In the Somme, spend a day  exploring the battlefields of World War One, where you visit a number of  Australian memorials on the Western Front. Other recommended  destinations are Lille, Nice and Monaco, Rouen and Reims as well as the  rugby hotbeds of the South of France.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy and other popular  sports include rugby, cycling, golf, tennis, hockey and skiing. The  Italians have a style of their own. They are famous for their fashions,  cuisine and culture. You shouldn't miss out on trying some traditional,  authentic pasta dishes and pizzas. Rome and Northern Italy (Milan,  Venice, Florence) would give you the perfect combination of history,  culture and sport. In Milan , check out this fashion capital, as well as  a day trip to the Italian lakes situated on the Swiss border. You can  also have the chance to attend a Serie A soccer match at the imposing  San Siro which holds 80,000 fans for the city's two famous clubs - AC  Milan and Inter. Travel to Venice with its gondolas and St Marks Square,  and through Florence, a beautiful city.


Spain offers a wealth of reasons to visit on a sporting and  cultural tour. It is famous for its beaches, sunshine, sangria, sherry,  pelota, paella, bullfighting and of course FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Soccer is a national pastime and hockey is a very popular sport at all  levels. Although rugby is still a minority sport, it is developing well  and there is a very good youth policy and structure. Basketball is also  very popular.

Other countries that you can tour include, Germany, Austria,  Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, and the Czech Republic. Sports that can  be played there include soccer, hockey, basketball, water polo, tennis,  and handball.

During the June/July holidays, a different but just as  exciting tour is to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark and  Sweden. During these months , the worlds largest soccer tournaments take  place including the Gothia Cup in Sweden and the Dana Cup in Denmark.  These tournaments have an opening ceremony featuring teams from all over  Europe and the world and boast an opening ceremony that your students  will take part in, in front of a crowd of 30,000 spectators!

There are a number of different touring itineraries  available to you in Europe. Some of our more popular itineraries include  the UK plus Holland, Belgium and France; The UK and Italy, or Spain, or  a combination of Spain and Italy on the one tour. Tours of between 2  and 4 weeks are recommended.

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